Director of world renowned ‘Thomas & George Martin Violin Makers’, and leading double bass specialist, George Martin will share ideas on the world of ‘luthiery’ – the design process and making of stringed instruments.


George’s earliest memories include crawling around his father’s workbench, while his Dad was making one of his first double basses.  George progressed to working in the workshop as a teenager, and began to appreciate the fine instruments that passed through.  The firm, based in the village of Williamscot – Banbury, has grown substantially, as has his skill and expertise.  The company partners with, and supply their products across the globe.


Today, George plays a major role in running the family business.  He has recently led the realisation of his father’s dream to produce reference works about the double bass.

George’s passion for his work, together with his knowledge and expertise will provide a whole new meaning to the world of music and instrument making. 



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