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Performer Application

TEDxBanbury particularly  look for new, collaborative  work,  writing and music for performing on stage.  In 150 words, please outline details of the proposed performance in your application for example:


  • performing arts

  • number of performers

  • music

  • music genre

  • number of musicians

  • how the performance will offer something new and inspiring for our TEDxBanbury audience  

Please note:


  • the event is filmed

  • performers are not paid for taking part in TEDxBanbury events

  • performance duration: 10 minutes - and must not exceed 15 minutes in total

  • venue & technical restrictions may apply

  • Copyright, PRS & PPL apply for the event day and for uploaded filmed performances.  TEDxBanbury cannot not accept financial  liability for any breach in the using, or re-arrangement of  musical peices.

TEDxBanbury will consider each application carefully to ensure any proposed idea complements the ethos of the event and programme. 


TEDxBanbury will get in touch by email.  

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