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Simon Townsend - Director of Banbury Museum, shares his thoughts with TEDxBanbury 'Synergy'

There is a mosaic from Pompeii that depicts a grinning skeleton holding two Askoi – wine jugs - that was once set into a dining room floor, which reminded the diners to ‘carpe diem’, or ‘seize the day’. When I walked around the streets of Pompeii one spring, with few tourists and the Italian sun warming the ancient stones, it struck me that little has changed in 1,943 years. We share the same hopes and fears, and relive the experiences of our Roman ancestors, be it the cycle of economic growth and recession or war and peace.

Here in the UK we have lived through a period of discordance, where differences have held sway over the political agenda. Such a context has often stifled creativity, limiting opportunity and achievement. But it only takes us to create a new narrative, and why not now?

Here in Banbury, now could be the moment. To this end a group of us from various organisations have come together and painted a vision, to create a Banbury offering recreation, art, performance & culture for those living in and around our remarkable town, making Banbury a destination. The synergy that comes from working together is life enhancing, now is the moment, carpe diem.


Simon Townsend

Museum Director

Banbury Museum & Gallery 

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