It’s the little things…          




Sink or swim, right?  Sometimes, it feels like that’s the way the world is.  There’s so much going on it’s hard to get a handle on it. Particularly the last few years. National events, international events, crisis after crisis – it sweeps all of us up in such a whirlwind it can be hard to keep your feet on the ground.


Sometimes, the media doesn’t help.   Often, politicians don’t help.  They’re so preoccupied with big things happening.


So what does help?   What keeps our feet on the ground?   What’s the antidote to a world out of control?


It’s the little things.   For me, it’s community.  Friends, family, loved ones.   Even the random strangers who call this town home, just like I do.   Banbury people – wherever they come from – can be funny, annoying, depressing, inspiring. But they all matter.   We’ve all got to share the same space.


None of us can change the world – but then again, weirdly, we all can.  Because we can change Banbury, and Banbury is OUR world.


And how do we change Banbury?  It sounds ridiculous, but just by being nice to each other.  Talking together, doing things in a new way, building something, helping people see life differently.  Ideas.  We’ve all got ideas.


That’s what TEDxBanbury is about.   Finding the ideas that can help change our world.   Here, in Banbury.   Our home.


It’s the little things.



Matthew Teller

Author & journalist


Closing thoughts from our TEDxBanbury Event Director

I would just like to extend a thank you on behalf of the team to everyone who was able to attend the TEDxBanbury event!  It was wonderful to have your support for this first ever TEDx event for our town!

A line up of amazing speakers both from the locality and further afield, to share ideas across a broad range of subjects embracing the TED ethos of Technology, Entertainment and Design, all within the theme of 'It's the little things...'  originally put forward by our very own Banbury based author and journalist, Matthew Teller!  Please do read his poignant words on this home page.

As we begin the process of completing all our post event checks with TED HQ, and video editing, we will keep you posted with announcements regarding our TEDxBanbury 2020 Talks as they become available. Watch this space! and keep an eye on this event website and our social media platforms for updates too!

We hope you all had a wonderful TED like experience, and we look forward to bringing our next TEDxBanbury event to you!

Best wishes

Karen Baldry
Event Director

Thank you...

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