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As part of the TED Climate Change Countdown launch on Saturday 10 October 2020, the TEDxBanbury Team curated a series of TED and TEDx Talks leading to TED's virtual event. These aim to present a balanced and impartial view while inspiring ideas for a positive change.  TEDxBanbury hosted a virtual event, the filmed zoom recordings can be viewed below together with a commissioned piece of prose by Chloe Gilholy from The Banbury Writer's Cafe.  Enjoy.......  #jointhecountdown.


Climate Change

Naomi Klein - Addicted To Risk

Naomi Klein Addicted to Risk.png



Eben Bayer - Are Mushrooms The New Plastic?

Eben Bayer TED Talk Are Mushroom the New



Lisa Dyson - A Forgotten Space Age Technology Could  Change How We Grow Food

Lisa Dyson TED Talk.png



Rob Cotter - I'd Bike To Work If Only...

Rob Cotter I would bike to work if only.



Michael Pawlyn - Using Nature's Genius In Architecture

Micahel Pawlyn TED Talk.png



Jonathan Trent - Energy From Floating Algae Pods

Jonathan Trent Energy from Floating Alga

TEDxBanbury Countdown Virtual Event 2020


TEDxBanbury 'In  Conversation' series with  guests

Dan Ludlow, Dorota Grabkowska,  Keith Musson and Jessica  D'Souza  

over Zoom  on 15 October 2020

'The World Is A Canvas'


Chloe Gilholy

Banbury Writer's Cafe


A piece created especially for TEDxBanbury Climate Change Countdown initiative, which captures the essence of a world in turmoil, hope and the Theory of Gaia.

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