Speaker Programme 2020



In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDxBanbury presented a combination of live speakers and TED Talk videos to spark deep discussion and connection within our wider community.  






Anton Mozgovoy  >

Watch Talk:  How cryptocurrency can bank everyone

Jason Kattenhorn  >

Watch Talk:  Queer art is not just for queer people!





Karen Irvani  >

Watch Talk:  Have you found your tribe?





Ally Kingston  >

Watch Talk:  How a charity box can make all the difference

Student Speaker

Dave Earle MBE  >

Watch Talk:  How your life choices define you


Aseem Bandali  >

Watch Talk:  My tango journey - how a little class dance can change your life


Hooky Brass Five  >

Guest Performance


Remarkable Dance   >

Guest performance




Dan Holley  >

Host TEDxBanbury 2020

     This independent TEDx event is operated under licence from TED