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As a London born Ugandan, Aseem considers himself to be a rich blend of East and West, with roots in India, where he spent much of his childhood, as well as Africa and Europe.


Coming from a lowly background, he worked his way through a variety of jobs in building, construction, the civil service, hospitality and catering, including the travel industries.  In 1999 Aseem finally began on a path which ultimately led him to a career in social care.  As a qualified social worker, Aseem has supported vulnerable children and adults with physical, emotional, and intellectual disabilities, and latterly coordinated enquiries into institutional abuse and neglect.

In 2014 Aseem decided to take a career break and embark on an adventure, 'Tangoing to Argentina in 80 Days', to fundraise for Parkinson's UK.  Following his travels, Aseem continues to enjoy Tango at every opportunity, and is currently working on his first book '#My Tango Journey'.

Website: #My Tango Journey


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