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Anton Mozgovoy, is a fintech specialist and former CTO of Humaniq.   He started his career at the Bank of Montreal – working on Apple Pay & Android Projects.  In 2015, he founded Finlyt, a company working on algorithmic installments, and revolving credits. Anton joined Humaniq in 2017, working on blockchain solutions to create a financial marketplace for start-ups.  He currently serves as a mentor in FastCapital, responsible for tracking start-ups in fintech, blockchain and crypto spaces.  Anton is also Head of Products at Jthereum.


As a child, Anton grew up in the Crimea, where all his summers were spent diving.  He is now an avid free diver, and enjoys the thrill of visiting a new country, new diving locations, meeting people, and above all the ‘feeling of the void when you dive deeper’.

Favourite TED Talks:    Tony Robbins - Why Do We Do What We Do     Hans Rosling - The best You've Ever Seen

Website:   Jthereum

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