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Matthew has been the director of Tooley's,  the oldest continuously working boatyard in the United Kingdom since 2002.


His personal journey to Tooley’s Boatyard is fascinating.  Matthew has a background in archaeology, having been involved in excavations of many lost sites similar to Tooley’s. His passion for the waterways is deeply rooted.  Matthew can boast seven generations of Thames watermen and lightermen in his family history, and he was taught boating skills by one of the last boating families.


Tooley's boatyard has been under threat over the years and Matthew’s determination has kept the site from being lost to a static museum – now the business is changing to a trust and the site is now secured with a 150 year lease!

A fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society,  Matthew is also the designer and manufacturer of a new heavy duty, observatory based British telescope mount: ‘Astromount’, combining his passion for astronomy and engineering.


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