TEDxBanbury Speaker Curation


In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, the TEDxBanbury curation team seek to create a diverse programme of speakers representing a range of disciplines, topics and innovative thinking to share new and extraordinary ideas.


What ideas are we looking for from our speakers?

  • New ideas that originate in our community but are widely relatable. 

  • An idea the TED world hasn't heard before, not a copy of a TED Talk you like!

  • Ideas that change perceptions for example: a scientific discovery that changes how you think about things, or a philosophical argument that reshapes your notions of friendship.

  • Ideas that need to be defended – not something self-evident, but an interesting argument.


 A TEDx event is not a platform for professional speakers, such as motivational speakers and professional life coaches.  Its purpose is to give a platform to those who don’t often have one.


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     This independent TEDx event is operated under licence from TED