As part of the TED Climate Change Countdown launch on Saturday 10 October 2020, the TEDxBanbury Team has curated a series of TED and TEDx Talks leading to TED's virtual event. These aim to present a balanced and impartial view while inspiring ideas for a positive change.  Enjoy.......  #jointhecountdown

Countdown - Week 5


Climate Change

Naomi Klein - Addicted To Risk

Naomi Klein Addicted to Risk.png

Countdown - Week 4



Eben Bayer - Are Mushrooms The New Plastic?

Eben Bayer TED Talk Are Mushroom the New

Countdown - Week 3



Lisa Dyson - A Forgotten Space Age Technology Could  Change How We Grow Food

Lisa Dyson TED Talk.png

     This independent TEDx event is operated under licence from TED