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ABOUT DANIEL - Host TEDxBanbury 2020

With a background in coaching, public speaking and mentoring, Daniel currently supports learners in Further Education as a Performance Coach enabling vulnerable people to create new, empowered and positive futures for themselves.


Over the last 3 years, Daniel has spoken in front of over 10,000 learners, in 100s of schools all over the UK, and internationally, including Switzerland, Germany and Qatar. He has presented workshops on identity, stress management, study skills, healthy living, and the importance of science in learning.


Outside of education, Daniel has also been coaching adults on their self-esteem, relationships and identity. This led him to speaking at conferences and meetups, including TEDx Surrey University.


Daniel’s primary ethos is about the expression, exploration and development of the self.

Favourite TED Talk:    


Brene Brown:  The Power of Vulnerability >

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