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To volunteer to assist with the TEDxBanbury event team is an amazing experience, seeing all areas come together and culminate in an exciting and enlightening TED style event!  TEDxBanbury is seeking local volunteers with an established professional skill set to assist the curation team for the 2021 event in the following key areas:

  • Copywriters / authors 

  • Graphic designers 

  • IT, Digital & Visual Media

  • Sponsorship Coordinator

  • Administrative 

These areas will be revised and updated regularly. 

If you are interested and able to make the commitment, to help create a dynamic inspirational event, please apply to TEDxBanbury  via the form below.

Front of House Volunteers

We invite applications from interested volunteers to be a part of the Front of House Team for our event days.  TEDxBanbury also seek student volunteers aged 17+  to form part of each Front of House Team.  

Volunteer Application Form

Thanks for submitting!

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